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Online Therapy & Counseling in Atlanta

I offer online therapy for adults, young adults, and teens via HIPAA-compliant video software. 

Evidence-based therapy offered via HIPAA-compliant video software

My Approach to Therapy & Counseling

These are some of the main elements of therapy that you can expect if we work together.

Caring and Connecting

My approach begins with building an empathetic, accepting, and genuine partnership with you. Speaking openly with a stranger can be scary and challenging, so I will work to make you feel safe to share and explore vulnerable issues with me.

Accepting & Changing

We will use structured, evidence-based techniques to help you accept what you cannot change and change what you can. Your preferences, priorities, and values will guide the work that we do.

Building Insight & Awareness

Together we will get curious about you and your life, and see if we can notice any patterns in your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, or relationships that might be getting in the way of living the life you want.

Monitoring Progress

We will monitor progress on an ongoing basis and change course, as needed. I want to ensure that therapy meets your needs, moves you toward your goals, and equips you for life after therapy ends.

Specialized Therapy & Counseling for Anxiety, OCD, & Depression

I provide specialized, empirically-supported therapies for people who want to work on things related to a specific mental health diagnosis. These treatments have shown to be effective in helping people with similar challenges and goals.

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