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Therapy & Counseling in Atlanta for Stress Management

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. And it can reach a point where it becomes unbearable. Perhaps your daily hassles have reached a tipping point, making you feel exhausted and unsure how to carry on. Or, maybe you've experienced a major life event - like a change or loss in a relationship, in your career, or at home - and it feels like you might need some additional support. Or, maybe you endured some particularly difficult situations when you were younger and have noticed how these experiences continue to interfere with your life.

Working with a therapist can help. You will receive empathy and validation of your experiences, as well as learn new ways to cope and respond to stress.


Therapy for Stress Management

Effective therapy for stress management can help in several ways. First and foremost, opening up to a therapist can help you understand your experiences and learn how to be kind towards yourself and feel connected, instead of alone. You also can learn new ways of responding to stress that reduces the impact of stressful situations on your emotional well-being, freeing you to spend less time struggling with stress and more time living the life that you want.

Resources for Stress Management

Mindfulness is a core component of many stress-focused treatments, and UCLA has a site that includes many free guided meditations

Mindfulness can be practiced without meditation, too! Here's a video that guides you through a mindful doodling exercise.


And here's another video where someone walks you through the countless ways you can practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life.

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