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Getting Started in Therapy

Step 1 / Phone Consultation

First, schedule a free phone consultation, which will help clarify if my services match your needs. To schedule, please call (or text) me (470.398.1919), email me, or complete the contact form below.

Step 2 / Initial Evaluation

If we decide to work together during the phone consultation, then we will schedule an initial appointment. This appointment will allow us to get to know each other, explore your goals, and formulate a treatment plan. I will also ask you to complete questionnaires prior to our meeting.

Step 3 / Therapy

How long and how often we meet for therapy will depend on your goals and treatment plan. Most of my clients begin with weekly sessions and then taper to less frequent sessions as they progress towards their goals. We will regularly monitor and discuss your progress, and you have ultimate control over your treatment.

Start the journey of therapy

Contact Dr. Kennedy

Submit your contact information, and I will be in touch

Thank you - I'll be in touch

Please note: I am not qualified to work with clients needing acute treatment of substance abuse, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders, or suicidal or violent behavior. I also do not provide evaluations for legal purposes (e.g., child custody cases; disability ).

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