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What is a licensed [clinical] psychologist?

In Georgia (and much of the United States), a licensed clinical psychologist is someone who has obtained a doctoral degree (PhD or PsyD), the highest degree available in Clinical Psychology, and completed other requirements for licensure (e.g., passing several licensing exams).

Obtaining a doctoral degree requires 5-7+ years of work. This commitment includes several years of learning and teaching, with coursework covering the basic science of psychology (e.g., cognition; development) and more applied topics (e.g., therapy techniques; assessment methods). It also includes over 2,000 hours of clinical training and supervision, which often involves having video recorded therapy sessions reviewed by expert supervisors. Finally, earning a doctoral degree also requires that the student produce original research - first for a Master's Thesis and then for the Doctoral Dissertation. After earning the doctoral degree, many psychologists (and this is required in Georgia) then complete post-doctoral training, which is at least an additional 1,500 hours of supervised clinical training and experience.

I earned my PhD at Emory University and completed my pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the Emory School of Medicine. I received intensive training in using evidence-based therapies with clients of all ages. My Master's Thesis evaluated the role of anxiety in predicting the relapse of depression, and my Doctoral Dissertation evaluated how ruminative interpersonal behavior can interfere with therapy. I'd be happy to connect with you if you'd like to learn more about my online therapy practice in Georgia.


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